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Sunbeds, or the sun, dont paint your skin, they stimulate your own body to produce a chemical called melanin, this is a protective element designed by the human body to condition it to UV rays. Melanin turns your skin brown when UV is applied. Normally, when UV exposure is stopped, Melanin production stops. Non Stop Black actually tricks the body into continuing to produce Melanin, so the browning effect continues. Sensational product.

2 Australian Gold Dark Tan Accelerator

Old favourite, but sometimes the tried and tested are still the best. This product stimulates melanin production, not as much as newer hybrid products do, but they dont have the same skin caring compounds as this does. This product makes your skin feel amazing.

3. 24K – Power Tan

Beautiful product, normally when UV hits the skin it bounces off, a bit like a V shape, intensifier products like 24k, absorb more UV, spread it out like a L shape. More bang for your buck….

4. Australian Gold – Cheeky Brown

Another old favourite. dont knock that, tries and tested is often better than ad paid hype, this one is basically number two with a little bronzer. It works, fabulous made fabulousier.

5. Hot Tottie – Protan

How do tingle products work? Well lets go back to number 1 on this list, no cream or potion paints the skin, we need the skin to react to UV and change colour. Tingle cream do things a bit different. Oxygenated skin tans quicker, Skin coated in a tingle cream draw in this oxygen enrichment tans quicker. Its as simple as that. And this cream is as really as simple as that. We adore Hot Tottie, its a tenner and as good as any over hyped product.