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Sunshot Tanning Drink x 10


Sunshot is a delicious tan and beauty drink, with collagen.


Sunshot Drink x 10

Special active components like beta carotine, aloe vera, vitamin and collagen, intensify a tan and take care of the skin from the inside, whilst sunbathing either indoor or in the natural sun.

Other additives like Tocopherolacetat act as an active component of the vitamin a group, support this tan enhancement.

DL-alpha- Tocopherolacetat is the most active biological form of vitamin E, this ingredient helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. Retinylacetatglazes the skin and minimises wrinkles.

The active ingredients in Sunshot support of abatement of free radicals because many are anti-oxidants.

Wonderful product, so popular in our salons.

60ml x 10


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