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Formula Information for Indoor Sunbed lotion

The sunbed lotions within this site have been assessed and allocated a formula button. Each lotion has been personally tried by a member of our team. We use our own formula assessment as no single formal standard exists between brands, the following is a guideline to those formula assessments:-

Formula 1 – These lotions will be suitable for any skin type (other than skin type 1*) and are specifically designed for those starting out on the tanning process. These lotions will contain skin caring components to prepare and nurture the skin for tanning.

Formula 2 – Similar to Formula 1, but for those wanting a extra boost, these will contain higher levels of tan enhancing ingedients, again, suitable for all skin types (other than 1*) and tan level.

Formula 3 – These lotions are designed for those who have an existing skin colour, but who wish to darken further than they could do without cosmetic assistance, these lotions will have high levels of skin nutrients and tan enhancing components. Formula 3 lotions are suitable for all skin types (except skin type 1*).

Formula 4 – These lotions will have the highest levels of tan enhancers without tingle, you should expect only the finest ingredients and world class tan enhancers to go into these formula’s, they will be designed for those with an existing tan, who wish to deepen their existing tan.

Formula 5 and above – These will all be tingle products. Tingle products cause an immediate reddening of the skin, caused by a stimulation of the microcirculation of the epidermal layer of the skin, when the customer then uses the sunbed, the tanning process starts immediately and the results are quite spectacular. These products are only suitable for pre-tanned persons with non sensitive skin type 3 or above, whilst amazingly popular with tan fans the sensation is not favoured by all as your skin will go red and will tingle. This reddening can last for a few hours, if you are uncomfortable, the sensation can be reduced by washing in cool water. If you have sensitive skin but have applied these lotions, apply skin with an anti-irritant such as Benadrylâ„¢.

* People with skin type 1 will not tan. Their skin will not produce sufficient pigment to do so, and no cream or proprietory lotion will remedy this. You should not use sunbeds nor should you spend time unprotected in the natural sun, however, there is no reason why you should not look in the self tan section, we can help you there!!